Holiday Weight Gain Is Real

Play Golf This Holiday Season To Burn The Extra Calories

Holiday weight gain is a real thing. The extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose.  Weight gain begins to rise throughout October and November and peaks 10 days after Christmas. All the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas cookies seem impossible to pass up. Don’t worry there are ways to burn off these extra calories.

Instead of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, have a resolution not to gain too much weight in the first place.  Then you won’t have to worry about the five months of struggling. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate special occasions or indulge in your favorite treats.  Just find fun ways to burn the extra calories you are consuming.

Playing A Round Of Golf

Golf is both an enjoyable game, and a way to get in some healthy exercise. While golf may not be the most strenuous sport, like all activities, it does burn calories. Of course, the number of calories burned while playing will depend on whether a player is walking or riding a cart during the round.  A round of golf is equal to an average 30-minute gym session. An 18-hole round over a full length golf course will involve roughly a five-mile walk with quite a bit of arm exercises along the way.

If you walk the course, rather than ride in a golf car, a round of golf will burn probably somewhere around 1,500 calories.  This number can vary slightly depending on the course you play. Some courses are hillier and you will burn more calories than compact flatter ones. Some chose to carry their clubs while others will pull them on a cart, this does not make much of a difference to the golf calorie count. Carrying your bags burns a few more calories but it is literally only a few.

Riding the Golf Car Instead

Sometimes it may be difficult, if not impossible to walk a golf course. Often times you are encouraged to use the golf car to shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the round. Surprisingly, there is evidence that a significant number of calories may still be used up, even when using a cart. An estimated 460 calories burned when playing only nine holes while riding a golf car.

Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge This Holiday Season

Whether golf is played by walking the course, taking the golf car or practicing at the range, golf is a relaxing way to burn off extra calories you may consume this holiday season. Even if it’s just a nine-hole outing. Thankfully, golf is a very high-calorie burning exercise. Don’t be afraid to indulge this holiday season but remember to book that tee time.  

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Bunker Project Makes the Turn at Tijeras Creek

With the front nine completed, work on the back nine is underway

The bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek Golf Club made the turn to the back nine. In a handful of weeks, those who find the sand on the backside will enjoy the same nice, fluffy lies found on the front.

Win-win situation   

The project to tackle all 75 bunkers began in early June with a few being reshaped, removed or redesigned along the way. Results on the front nine have been promising.

“Feedback has been great,” said Tom Horaney, general manager of Tijeras Creek Golf Club. “It’s really a win-win situation for golfers who benefit from increased playability. Plus, it lessens the time needed by the maintenance team to keep up to our standards, which also translates into less resources required in the long run. It’s a significant capital investment, no doubt, but one that’s well worth it.”

Capillary Concrete

The bunker project at Tijeras Creek is highlighted by a relatively new and innovative product – Capillary Concrete – that counters many of the bunker maintenance nightmares such as drainage clogs, sand washouts, dry or crusty conditions and soil contamination, among others.

Capillary Concrete creates a semi-porous barrier between the soil and sand to give pooling water a chance to move down into the soil in wet conditions, while wicking up moister from the soil under dry conditions.

“The Capillary Concrete is preforming as advertised,” said Horaney. “We get weather ranging from blazing hot days to torrential downpours. This product helps recover from those extremes to provide consistently good playing conditions.”

The drill for bunker renovation  

Although specific needs dictate the exact completion of a bunker renovation, it generally involves removing the old sand and perhaps reusing it for other purposes such as topdressing. All original drainage piping is replaced, if it’s not functioning as intended. This is a good time to reevaluate the design-change wish list that may have surfaced after years of play. Sharpening and restoring bunker edges back to the original design specs. Some bunkers may need to be relocated or eliminated, and the depth and shaping of the floors are much more easily modified during an overall renovation. Once the liners are in place, it’s time to fill the bunkers with new sand to a four- to six-inch depth on the floors and two to three inches on the slopes.

Don’t blame the bunkers

Golf is hard enough without conditioning factors working against you, but if you’re still struggling from the bunkers after the renovation, it’s probably time to visit Tijeras Creek’s exceptional team of PGA/LPGA instructors.

bunker renovations

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National Golf Month

August is National Golf month.  To honor National Golf month, golfers are encouraged to share their golf experiences and bring new golfers out to the course.  Golf can be played as a team sport or individual. For August the challenge is to take the time to show someone new to the sport everything they need to know to get started.  Every new golfer needs someone to guide them along the way.

Another way to celebrate Golf Month, if you’re someone who already plays golf, is to get out and play some more golf! Take a moment to stop and celebrate this amazing pastime with whoever you can, your clubs, golf buddies, wife, kids, grandkids, newbies, whoever, just get out and play!

Here are ways you can celebrate the wonderful game of golf.

Play For Something

Put a little wager on your next round to give yourself a little pressure by putting something on the line maybe drinks or dinner.  Paying off your bets have never been easier when you download Tijeras Creek’s mobile app, available for free for Android and Apple devices.  Once you download the app, you can load up with GolfCash at varying denominations. There is no better way to pay at the course.  After loading up for the first time is when the convenience really starts. Tijeras Creek Golf Club accepts GolfCash payments anywhere from the golf shop, for green fees, merchandise, food and beverage, by simply entering the amount owed into the app and pressing pay.

Play 36 Holes

Get out early in the morning, have lunch and get back at it.  You will always remember the day you played 36 holes.

Hit The Range

If you plan on celebrating the whole month of August by playing more golf, try getting to the driving range and work out the kinks!

Take a Lesson

We are not all “coachable,” but having a pro diagnose your game could do wonders.  Click HERE to learn more about the instruction offered at Tijeras Creek Golf Club.

Book a Tee Time with Buddies

Get in touch with old friends and mark a date on the calendar to catch up while hitting the course.  Booking in advance can save you money. Book directly on the courses website and save. The best rates guaranteed without paying booking fees.  To view available tee times at Tijeras Creek Golf Club click HERE.

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2018 Tijeras Creek Golf Club Cardmember Scholarship

There is no doubt we all understand the importance of higher education.  After all, higher education is touted to lead to a number of benefits, including financial security and a prosperous career.  However, the role of education in the 21st century plays a big part in other aspects of your life, such as improving the overall quaity of your life, health, and having more opportunities present themselves to you.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club will award two $500 OB Sports Cardmember Scholarships in 2018. Established in 2008, this program was created to provide an opportunity for children of current OB Sports Cardmembers who have enrolled in the card/loyalty programs at participating facilities to apply for a scholarship to be utilized for college tuition. Its purpose is to encourage the attainment of higher education goals by children of OB Sports Cardmembers, based on achieving a high level of academic success during high school or college.

Jordan and Kavina were awarded a $500 scholarship each as part of a value-added benefit from Tijeras Creek’s Creek Card Membership program in 2017. The scholarship is awarded to the college-bound dependents of the cardmembers.

Winners of the OB Sports Scholarship will be notified via phone call by August 10, 2018.  The application period for the current OB Sports Scholarships will be through July 31, 2018. We ask that the applicant wait until they receive their most current grade report or transcript before applying. Completed applications should be submitted along with an official copy of the school grade transcript that shows their GPA information, ACT/SAT test scores (if a high school applicant), etc.


Click HERE to download the 2018 Application.
For more information on eligibility and requirements click HERE.

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Bunker Project Underway at Tijeras Creek Golf Club

Innovative Capillary Concrete to the rescue

Last time I made the mistake of complaining about bunker conditions to my scratch-golfer pal, his response was less than helpful: “Then don’t hit it there.”

Bunker renovation, summer 2018

If that’s not an option for you either, you’ll be happy to hear the bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek, which began in early June, is moving along nicely and already showing great results. One by one, over the course of the summer, the crew will renovate all 75 bunkers, removing and reshaping a few along the way. The strategy is to make the renovations in the least intrusive way.

“Although some temporary restrictions may be necessary to get the job done in a timely manner, the crew will pick off each bunker in a way that minimizes disruption of play. And the good news is, we’re in great shape right now,” said Tom Horaney, general manager. “The project is quite a process; they make it look easy. And we’re using Capillary Concrete, which will create improved playing conditions for all golfers.”

Capillary Concrete

Bunkers are notoriously labor intensive to maintain, at least, in a way that promotes consistent of play. They flood when drainage becomes clogged; the sand washes away and becomes contaminated with soil; they get dried out and crusty; it’s always something.

The development of Capillary Concrete changed all that. It’s an innovative concrete mixture laid down between the native soil and sand that allows water to drain down through it into the ground instead of pooling above in the sand. Conversely, it pulls moisture up from the ground into the sand under dry conditions. The combination of draining well and wicking up moisture provides golfers with consistently good sand.

“I have been a golf course superintendent and golf course builder for over 30 years and worked with every line of product in the market,” said Martin Sternberg, founder of Capillary Concrete, PGA, GCSAA. “I’ve developed an amazing product that solves all of our bunker problems.”

The product is mixed up much like traditional concrete, poured and smoothed-out over the entire bunker. Once it dries, new sand is installed over the top. It’s much easier for the crew to maintain, very durable, keeps sand in place, but Capillary Concrete won’t harm golf clubs or maintenance equipment if they happen to strike it.

Annika Sorenstam’s Endorsement

A few years ago, Annika Sorenstam – 10-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Famer – announced a new partnership with Capillary Concrete.

“I believe that good players can handle any bunker condition; however, we want to grow the game, we want to reach out to every golfer, every skill level, and a lot of times beginners have a hard time in the bunkers and if the conditions aren’t consistent, it makes it harder,” said Sorenstam. “We want to encourage these players to have fun and speed up, so by better conditions, we’re going to achieve those objectives.”

Here’s to more sand saves!

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So What Causes Inconsistency With How Well You Are Striking The Ball?

One of the most common complaints by golfers wanting to improve their game is the lack of pure ball striking they experience. Do you really think you’re going to start magically hitting the ball 280 yards off the tee?  In fact, almost 70% of golfers are the happiest on the golf course when they hit the ball well, regardless of their score. It can be frustrating when you don’t hit the ball well, especially if you don’t know which way the ball is headed from shot to shot.  

What Causes Inconsistency?

Achieving the proper impact position greatly enhances your ability to hit crisp and solid golf shots, and while other elements in your swing can and often do play a role in the type of contact you achieve, the point of impact is of crucial importance.  Swinging under control and hitting down on the ball instead of flailing away and trying to scoop it into the air is the biggest fault in iron play.

Learn The Components of Impact.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club employs only PGA and LPGA trained and certified teaching professionals who can teach you to train the impact position with drills which will strengthen and develop your technique, thereby creating more distance, accuracy and consistency.
The Benefits of Swinging With a Proper Impact Position.


  • Increased distance
  • Straighter shots
  • Proper divots
  • Better trajectory and ball flight
  • More spin
  • Overall more control!


Don’t wait to start improving and enjoying your golf game.  Get in touch with one of our trained and certified teaching professionals today.  Click HERE for more information on golf instruction and Tijeras Creek Golf Club.
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Pardon Our Dust!

In an effort to give our loyal Tijeras Creek patrons the best possible playing experience, we will begin renovating our bunkers in June of 2018. The methodology we have chosen will incorporate the best bunker renovation materials currently available in the industry. It will take approximately three months to complete, and will impact a minimal number of holes at a time.

We appreciate your understanding, and share in your excitement of improving an already fantastic golf course. Please contact a golf shop representative if you have any questions.


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