Bunker Project Makes the Turn at Tijeras Creek

With the front nine completed, work on the back nine is underway

The bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek Golf Club made the turn to the back nine. In a handful of weeks, those who find the sand on the backside will enjoy the same nice, fluffy lies found on the front.

Win-win situation   

The project to tackle all 75 bunkers began in early June with a few being reshaped, removed or redesigned along the way. Results on the front nine have been promising.

“Feedback has been great,” said Tom Horaney, general manager of Tijeras Creek Golf Club. “It’s really a win-win situation for golfers who benefit from increased playability. Plus, it lessens the time needed by the maintenance team to keep up to our standards, which also translates into less resources required in the long run. It’s a significant capital investment, no doubt, but one that’s well worth it.”

Capillary Concrete

The bunker project at Tijeras Creek is highlighted by a relatively new and innovative product – Capillary Concrete – that counters many of the bunker maintenance nightmares such as drainage clogs, sand washouts, dry or crusty conditions and soil contamination, among others.

Capillary Concrete creates a semi-porous barrier between the soil and sand to give pooling water a chance to move down into the soil in wet conditions, while wicking up moister from the soil under dry conditions.

“The Capillary Concrete is preforming as advertised,” said Horaney. “We get weather ranging from blazing hot days to torrential downpours. This product helps recover from those extremes to provide consistently good playing conditions.”

The drill for bunker renovation  

Although specific needs dictate the exact completion of a bunker renovation, it generally involves removing the old sand and perhaps reusing it for other purposes such as topdressing. All original drainage piping is replaced, if it’s not functioning as intended. This is a good time to reevaluate the design-change wish list that may have surfaced after years of play. Sharpening and restoring bunker edges back to the original design specs. Some bunkers may need to be relocated or eliminated, and the depth and shaping of the floors are much more easily modified during an overall renovation. Once the liners are in place, it’s time to fill the bunkers with new sand to a four- to six-inch depth on the floors and two to three inches on the slopes.

Don’t blame the bunkers

Golf is hard enough without conditioning factors working against you, but if you’re still struggling from the bunkers after the renovation, it’s probably time to visit Tijeras Creek’s exceptional team of PGA/LPGA instructors.

bunker renovations

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