Bunker Project Underway at Tijeras Creek Golf Club

Innovative Capillary Concrete to the rescue

Last time I made the mistake of complaining about bunker conditions to my scratch-golfer pal, his response was less than helpful: “Then don’t hit it there.”

Bunker renovation, summer 2018

If that’s not an option for you either, you’ll be happy to hear the bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek, which began in early June, is moving along nicely and already showing great results. One by one, over the course of the summer, the crew will renovate all 75 bunkers, removing and reshaping a few along the way. The strategy is to make the renovations in the least intrusive way.

“Although some temporary restrictions may be necessary to get the job done in a timely manner, the crew will pick off each bunker in a way that minimizes disruption of play. And the good news is, we’re in great shape right now,” said Tom Horaney, general manager. “The project is quite a process; they make it look easy. And we’re using Capillary Concrete, which will create improved playing conditions for all golfers.”

Capillary Concrete

Bunkers are notoriously labor intensive to maintain, at least, in a way that promotes consistent of play. They flood when drainage becomes clogged; the sand washes away and becomes contaminated with soil; they get dried out and crusty; it’s always something.

The development of Capillary Concrete changed all that. It’s an innovative concrete mixture laid down between the native soil and sand that allows water to drain down through it into the ground instead of pooling above in the sand. Conversely, it pulls moisture up from the ground into the sand under dry conditions. The combination of draining well and wicking up moisture provides golfers with consistently good sand.

“I have been a golf course superintendent and golf course builder for over 30 years and worked with every line of product in the market,” said Martin Sternberg, founder of Capillary Concrete, PGA, GCSAA. “I’ve developed an amazing product that solves all of our bunker problems.”

The product is mixed up much like traditional concrete, poured and smoothed-out over the entire bunker. Once it dries, new sand is installed over the top. It’s much easier for the crew to maintain, very durable, keeps sand in place, but Capillary Concrete won’t harm golf clubs or maintenance equipment if they happen to strike it.

Annika Sorenstam’s Endorsement

A few years ago, Annika Sorenstam – 10-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Famer – announced a new partnership with Capillary Concrete.

“I believe that good players can handle any bunker condition; however, we want to grow the game, we want to reach out to every golfer, every skill level, and a lot of times beginners have a hard time in the bunkers and if the conditions aren’t consistent, it makes it harder,” said Sorenstam. “We want to encourage these players to have fun and speed up, so by better conditions, we’re going to achieve those objectives.”

Here’s to more sand saves!

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