So What Causes Inconsistency With How Well You Are Striking The Ball?

One of the most common complaints by golfers wanting to improve their game is the lack of pure ball striking they experience. Do you really think you’re going to start magically hitting the ball 280 yards off the tee?  In fact, almost 70% of golfers are the happiest on the golf course when they hit the ball well, regardless of their score. It can be frustrating when you don’t hit the ball well, especially if you don’t know which way the ball is headed from shot to shot.  

What Causes Inconsistency?

Achieving the proper impact position greatly enhances your ability to hit crisp and solid golf shots, and while other elements in your swing can and often do play a role in the type of contact you achieve, the point of impact is of crucial importance.  Swinging under control and hitting down on the ball instead of flailing away and trying to scoop it into the air is the biggest fault in iron play.

Learn The Components of Impact.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club employs only PGA and LPGA trained and certified teaching professionals who can teach you to train the impact position with drills which will strengthen and develop your technique, thereby creating more distance, accuracy and consistency.
The Benefits of Swinging With a Proper Impact Position.


  • Increased distance
  • Straighter shots
  • Proper divots
  • Better trajectory and ball flight
  • More spin
  • Overall more control!


Don’t wait to start improving and enjoying your golf game.  Get in touch with one of our trained and certified teaching professionals today.  Click HERE for more information on golf instruction and Tijeras Creek Golf Club.
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