Bunker Project Underway at Tijeras Creek Golf Club

Innovative Capillary Concrete to the rescue

Last time I made the mistake of complaining about bunker conditions to my scratch-golfer pal, his response was less than helpful: “Then don’t hit it there.”

Bunker renovation, summer 2018

If that’s not an option for you either, you’ll be happy to hear the bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek, which began in early June, is moving along nicely and already showing great results. One by one, over the course of the summer, the crew will renovate all 75 bunkers, removing and reshaping a few along the way. The strategy is to make the renovations in the least intrusive way.

“Although some temporary restrictions may be necessary to get the job done in a timely manner, the crew will pick off each bunker in a way that minimizes disruption of play. And the good news is, we’re in great shape right now,” said Tom Horaney, general manager. “The project is quite a process; they make it look easy. And we’re using Capillary Concrete, which will create improved playing conditions for all golfers.”

Capillary Concrete

Bunkers are notoriously labor intensive to maintain, at least, in a way that promotes consistent of play. They flood when drainage becomes clogged; the sand washes away and becomes contaminated with soil; they get dried out and crusty; it’s always something.

The development of Capillary Concrete changed all that. It’s an innovative concrete mixture laid down between the native soil and sand that allows water to drain down through it into the ground instead of pooling above in the sand. Conversely, it pulls moisture up from the ground into the sand under dry conditions. The combination of draining well and wicking up moisture provides golfers with consistently good sand.

“I have been a golf course superintendent and golf course builder for over 30 years and worked with every line of product in the market,” said Martin Sternberg, founder of Capillary Concrete, PGA, GCSAA. “I’ve developed an amazing product that solves all of our bunker problems.”

The product is mixed up much like traditional concrete, poured and smoothed-out over the entire bunker. Once it dries, new sand is installed over the top. It’s much easier for the crew to maintain, very durable, keeps sand in place, but Capillary Concrete won’t harm golf clubs or maintenance equipment if they happen to strike it.

Annika Sorenstam’s Endorsement

A few years ago, Annika Sorenstam – 10-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Famer – announced a new partnership with Capillary Concrete.

“I believe that good players can handle any bunker condition; however, we want to grow the game, we want to reach out to every golfer, every skill level, and a lot of times beginners have a hard time in the bunkers and if the conditions aren’t consistent, it makes it harder,” said Sorenstam. “We want to encourage these players to have fun and speed up, so by better conditions, we’re going to achieve those objectives.”

Here’s to more sand saves!

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So What Causes Inconsistency With How Well You Are Striking The Ball?

One of the most common complaints by golfers wanting to improve their game is the lack of pure ball striking they experience. Do you really think you’re going to start magically hitting the ball 280 yards off the tee?  In fact, almost 70% of golfers are the happiest on the golf course when they hit the ball well, regardless of their score. It can be frustrating when you don’t hit the ball well, especially if you don’t know which way the ball is headed from shot to shot.  

What Causes Inconsistency?

Achieving the proper impact position greatly enhances your ability to hit crisp and solid golf shots, and while other elements in your swing can and often do play a role in the type of contact you achieve, the point of impact is of crucial importance.  Swinging under control and hitting down on the ball instead of flailing away and trying to scoop it into the air is the biggest fault in iron play.

Learn The Components of Impact.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club employs only PGA and LPGA trained and certified teaching professionals who can teach you to train the impact position with drills which will strengthen and develop your technique, thereby creating more distance, accuracy and consistency.
The Benefits of Swinging With a Proper Impact Position.


  • Increased distance
  • Straighter shots
  • Proper divots
  • Better trajectory and ball flight
  • More spin
  • Overall more control!


Don’t wait to start improving and enjoying your golf game.  Get in touch with one of our trained and certified teaching professionals today.  Click HERE for more information on golf instruction and Tijeras Creek Golf Club.
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Pardon Our Dust!

In an effort to give our loyal Tijeras Creek patrons the best possible playing experience, we will begin renovating our bunkers in June of 2018. The methodology we have chosen will incorporate the best bunker renovation materials currently available in the industry. It will take approximately three months to complete, and will impact a minimal number of holes at a time.

We appreciate your understanding, and share in your excitement of improving an already fantastic golf course. Please contact a golf shop representative if you have any questions.


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Teaching Methods For The Junior Golfer in Your House

Have you been trying to get your children into golf and it has turned out to be harder than expected.  The root of the problem could be that unlike nearly every other sport, you can’t just go play golf. Before you can play the game, or even step on a real golf course, you have to learn how to hit the ball, chip, and putt.  Since kids are not exactly into practice, this can make breaking into the sport even more difficult.

Make The Game Easier

Children and beginners simply feel the game of golf is too difficult. The first step would be to make the game easier to learn and play.  Earl Woods would have young Tiger Woods tee off from yardages far shorter than any of the standard boxes. He would then make up a new stroke count for par.  In other words, Tiger might play a 140 yard par 6. The result was that Tiger got used to breaking par from a very young age. Create attainable goals to measure yourself as golf is set up to measure against par. Setting up the course so there is a chance to make par may require you to start from a place other than even the red tees.

Let The Kids Call The Shots

Kids just want to have fun so let them call the shots! Let them explore the game on their own while you follow them around and explain the things they’re curious about. We understand every parent wants their child to learn the game the right way, however, allowing them to get a love for the sport is far more important.

Practice Makes Perfect

Take your child out for practice in the late evening or at a time when it’s not crowded. This will allow your child to hit and chase the ball without having to worry about holding up the group behind you. Tijeras Creek Golf Club offers a Junior Golf Pass that allows your child to play unlimited golf, it’s perfect for the junior golfer in your house. For more information on the Junior Golf Pass click HERE.  They are also now accepting registration for their 2018 Summer Junior Camps.  Sign up your Junior today by clicking HERE.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club employs only PGA & LPGA trained & certified teaching professionals. Our professionals are highly qualified in teaching methods and communication with students. All lessons held at Tijeras Creek Golf Club are guaranteed to each student’s complete satisfaction.  For more information on instruction and junior golf click HERE.


2018 Creek Card Offers Year-Round Saving for Golf for the Entire Foursome

F & B and merchandise discounts, Bonus Points, Tournament Club, and other additional benefits
sweeten the best deal for golf in the OC

Valid through March of 2019, the 2018 Creek Card is now on sale for only $169, and of the many rewarding benefits, the main draw is still reduced greens fees offered through the program. Plus, as always, the entire foursome receives the same low rates, which amount to roughly 40 percent below the regular rate. At that pace, it doesn’t take long for the Creek Card to pay for itself – and then some. It’s hands down the best way to play one of Orange County Californian’s best golf courses any time of the year, while saving a buck or two.

What’s New with the Creek Card

The complexion this popular program hasn’t changed much over the years, so it was way overdue for a few updates. The booking window is now up to five days in advance for tee times made online, in the golf shop or by phone. However, reservations made through the Tijeras Creek app may be booked up to six days in advance. The extra day is just one reason to download the app, GolfCash is another. This slick service saves time and money, a devastating one-two punch.

A new dynamic pricing structure will be in effect this year as well. In tune with the law of supply and demand, the prices fluctuate between less than the usual rates to slightly more when demand is high. This allows card members to play for the rate that best suits them.

Bonus Points:  Playing Golf Anywhere Else is Pointless

Another way the Creek Card saves money is through the Bonus Points program. Cardholders rack up Bonus Points for every dollar they spend throughout the facility that may be redeemed for, well, more golf along with merchandise at Tijeras Creek.

Get in the Action:  Join the Tournament Club

Also new this year, Tijeras Creek will field two teams in the OB Sports Team Championship. The top 10 Point Leaders from the Tournament Club will be the first to make the cut. Plus, four qualifiers from the stroke-play tournament in September earn a spot on the roster. The two teams will compete against teams from other OB Sports-managed clubs. And this is just one perk of the Tournament Club. It’s also a great way to have a little fun while playing competitive golf in a tournament setting.

Bounding Benefits

The balance of special deals offered through the Creek Card run the gamut from earlier access to twilight tee times to discounts at Spike’s Fish House. Replay rate of $40; savings on range balls; 20 percent off apparel, gloves, and headwear; 10 percent golf clubs, shoes, bags and golf balls; 10 percent off food items in TJ’s Cantina; and preferred seating for special events and Sunday Brunch are just a few. And those golfers who overdue it may also save a buck or two at AMP Sports Med & Recovery. Click here to view all as well as applicable terms and conditions.

Tijeras Creek Golf Club offers one of the best rounds of golf in Orange County, anchored by a Ted Robinson-design that weaves through tree-lined fairways and water features on the front nine, while running along sun-drenched ridges and through shady canyons on the back nine. And although the off-the-rack rates are reasonable given this elevated experience, the Creek Card makes it easier to enjoy all that this complete golf and lifestyle favorite has to offer. Click here to book a tee time today.

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Spend More Time on The Course and Less Time Searching for The Best Deal.

If you play at Tijeras Creek Golf Club year round, being a Creek cardholder is a no brainer. Although throughout the years the card has been offered, through customer feedback and course changes the value of the Creek Card has also evolved to fit the needs of the customers.  

As in the past, Creek Card members receive preferred rates throughout the year that saves you money. To view the preferred rates click HERE.  Green fees include a golf car.  Not only do you receive the lowest rate available, your buddies also receive this special rate when they golf with you.  Bring up to 3 guests and they also receive the best rate available.

Now starting in March and running through August 31st, as a card member you get to enjoy one hour earlier twilight times, allowing you to sneak a round in after work.  You save $5 in replay rounds with a replay rate of only $40. Let’s not forget about the opportunity to play in tournament club events. You will receive a chance to qualify for the 2018 Tijeras/OB Sports National Team Championship.  

If you’re an avid golfer, your golf clubs need to be in good condition. Clubs that are worn out or failing in some way are not only detrimental to your game, they could be downright dangerous. You always want to hit the first tee with a set of clubs that gives you confidence in your ability to play at the highest possible level.  As a creek card member you will receive 10% off regularly priced golf clubs, shoes, bags and golf balls. 20% off on regularly priced apparel, gloves and headwear.

The greatest value to the Creek Card is the bonus points you earn for playing golf.  Earn one point for every dollar spent on your green fee and merchandise towards a FREE round.  That’s right, earn points for dollars you spent on individual green fees at participating OB-Sports-managed facilities. For a full list of OB properties click HERE.  When using your travel benefits at other OB properties just mention you are a Member at Tijeras Creek Golf Club! Preferred rates at participating OB Sports managed facilities and affiliate courses including Monarch Beach Golf Links in Orange County, courses in Nevada, Arizona and Northern California and throughout the United States.



Our Card program offers the best rate for loyal players here at Tijeras Creek Golf Club and discounted rates when you travel to other OB Sports clubs. Plus, each course offers it’s own added benefits to allow you and your guests to experience more than just great golf!

For more information about the Creek Card or to purchase your card today click HERE.

Spring Into Playing More Golf!

This month we spring forward into daylight saving time. The origin of daylight saving time dates back much more than a century, when ancient civilizations adjusted their daily schedules to the sun. Britain introduced daylight saving time 100 years ago and was quickly followed by countries worldwide.

Love it or hate it, daylight saving is a reality for most of us except for the couple of States that don’t recognize daylight saving such as Arizona and Hawaii. For those that hate it, you have a lovely stubborn British campaigner (William Willett) you can thank. From an economic standpoint, daylight saving time is thought to help those in retail and sport.

William Willett, is credited as the “Champion” of Daylight Saving Time.  What many don’t know about him is that he was an avid golfer. Willett hated having to cut short his round when it got dark in the early evening.  This is one of the many reasons why he proposed to move the clock ahead an hour to preserve more daylight in the summer and was the foundation for the phrase, “Spring Ahead, Fall Back” and gave golfers like us more time to play after work, well into the evening.  Tijeras Creek Golf Club now offers, after work golf clinics.

For those of you that put the curtains up to block out the sun to sleep through the early morning sunrise, you now have an extra hour after work to get outdoors! It may be tough with one less hour of sleep and though daylight saving time may be a sign that spring is right around the corner, the takeaway is you now have more time to play golf! Click HERE to view available tee times at Tijeras Creek Golf Club.

With the extra time you have after your round, TJ’s Cantina is the place to be. Enjoy a bite and pair it with one of the twelve refreshing craft beers on tap, which complement a fully-stocked bar. Daily dining specials are featured on the menu and guests can enjoy dining out on the patio overlooking the 10th and 18th holes.